Electromagnets or coils offered by our company also have a separate category serving a specific purpose - namely their application in potentially explosive areas. We specialize in the production of custom made electromagnets in a minimum logistic quantity of 50 pieces. Electromagnets for this application are subject to specific restrictions on how they are designed. These products must comply not only with the requirements of the ATEX Directive but also with the individual requirements of the customer, which have been agreed upon in advance earlier.

Each time prior to undertaking the project work, the following shall be agreed with the Customer:

  • explosion-proof device group
  • device category
  • type of explosion protection
  • ambient temperature range
  • IP protection class
  • electrical parameters of the device
  • electrical supply parameters
  • mechanical parameters
  • dimensions
  • type of electrical connection
  • assembly method

As part of the project, we offer:

  • product concept development
  • development of technical documentation necessary for testing and certification
  • making prototypes for research
  • conducting preliminary tests in FAE "FANINA" S.A. factory laboratory
  • implementation of serial production of the product

All details are negotiable.

The product range for hazardous areas can be found in this TAB.

Thursday, 20 June 2024

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