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Factory of Electromechanical Apparatus "FANINA" S.A.

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Please be advised that the Calibration Laboratory F.A.E. "FANINA" S.A., on May 6, 2019, was accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation according to:

  • PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02 in the field of calibration of current (low voltage) transformers.

The scope of laboratory activity includes the calibration of current transformers with the bridge method in the measuring range (5 ÷ 5000) A of the rated primary current, consisting in determining current errors and angular errors and confirming compliance of the obtained measurement results with the requirements of the:

  • PN-EN 61869-2: 2013 standard, Table 201 and 202.

We attach a quality control certificate to the low-voltage transformers we manufacture, but instead of this document we offer calibration certificates as an additional paid service. These can be the following calibration certificates:

  • PCA - certificate of calibration service for current transformers in our accredited laboratory (Polish Center for Accreditation)
  • OUM - the certificate is issued after calibration of current transformers by an external institution of OUM (Regional Office of Measures)

We invite you to read the following documents:

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