Rolling stock producers

We have an inventory of finished products intended just for the rolling stock industry. Our partners are the largest companies operating in the field of railway infrastructure in Poland. We also have foreign contacts - enterprises we have been cooperating with for years. Our activity, however, does not rely purely on caring about existing relationships but also aims at attracting new customers. We also provide subcontracting services for the railway industry, in which we specialize from the beginning of our activities and for which we have the appropriate certificates:

  • Compliance with the welding standard CL-1
  • Welding rail vehicles and their components in accordance with PN-EN 15085-2



Our present customers from the rolling stock industry on the Polish market are the manufacturers of rail vehicles: Newag, Pojazdy Szynowe Pesa Bydgoszcz, H.Cegielski, while the international market customers include Siemens and Skoda, among others.

The offer for rolling stock manufacturers can be found in the products tab in the subcategories:





Thursday, 20 June 2024

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