Rolling stock

The company FANINA S.A. is a leading provider of solutions in the rolling stock industry for both companies producing rail vehicles and those specializing in the repair and repair services of these vehicles. FANINA S.A. has been on the market for over 60 years, proving that we are a reliable partner; our long-term relationships with clients testify to the reliability of our solutions.


Special purpose tanks for rolling stock (tanks for: fuel, water, sewage)


Electric train heating kits, including coupler sockets, junction boxes, ASO guards, cables and plugs, cable supports



In addition to the production of the above-mentioned tanks, sets for electric heating of rolling stock wagons and couplings, we offer modernization and regeneration processes:

- Front couplers - Scharfenberg
- ZEk inter-wagon couplers

The references obtained by the company are a testimony to long-term cooperation with suppliers (the most known rolling stock companies in Poland), as well as a guarantee of the quality offered by FANINA S.A. technological solutions in this industry.


The catalog of products and services for rolling stock can be found HERE 


Sunday, 21 April 2024

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