Our parnters and clients are manufacturing, service and trade companies. We provide production companies with parts and components for their own products; supply service companies with parts essential for their repair and maintenance services, cooperate with trade companies which sell our products to smaller service companies and individual clients.


In terms of functionality, our products belong to four groups:

  1. Electrotechnics - electromechanical actuators, i.e. components, sub-assemblies and devices converting electricity into mechanical work.The main products in this group are electromagnets, coils, and electromagnetic brakes.
  2. High power electrotechnical connectors - connecting elements in specialized electrical installations. The main products in this group are heating couplings, connectors and plugs for special applications - these products comply with the UIC 552 standard.
  3. Measuring electrotechnics - instruments enabling measurements of high currents in power networks. Products in this group are low voltage current transformers for various applications (indoor and outdoor).
  4. Rolling stock components - our main products in this group are specialized tanks of various types, with full equipment, rescue railway couplings and repairs, regeneration and modernization of railway couplers.


In the side tabs you will find more detailed information about groups of our collaborators - products and services designed for them. If the presented applications of our products are close to your requirements but they do not fully meet them - please contact us. Today most of our products are created in cooperation with our clients.


Thursday, 20 June 2024

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