Renovation of Scharfenberg Coupler


The Electromechanical Apparatus Factory “FANINA” also offers the full range of renovation of Scharfenberg couplers. The automatic Scharfenberg coupler renovation consists in restoration of the functional dimensions to worn out components.

Due to different wearing degree of the couplers subject to renovation – the range of repairs is determined individually for every coupler.

The worn parts are renovated or replaced to new ones when their limit dimensions are exceeded.

By default, the renovation consists of the following:

  • full disassembly
  • cleaning
  • verification
  • repair or replacement of elements which do not meet the technical conditions
  • anticorrosion protection
  • assembly
  • final tests and acceptance

In accordance with the technical conditions specified in the Repair and Acceptance Requirements (R-149).

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

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