Electromagnetic separator


   The STEF-100-90 separator is a self-cleaning electroamnetic device that is equipped with a reject tape for the captured material. The purpose of the electromagnetic separator is to attract and separate ferromagnetic inclusions from the transported stream of bulk material conveyed by the main conveyor belt under the separator. The separator can be mounted transversely or longitudinally above the conveyor belt. It should be positioned in such a way that the longitudinal or transverse axis of the central part of the separator - the electromagnet, is in the conveyor axis. The method of installation of the separator should allow adjusting its height relative to the conveyor belt. The STEF-100-90 separator does not require an external cooling system.

More details can be found in the catalogue card

   An example of the use of a separator can be viewed in our gallery under this link, during separating steel elements from a municipal waste stream, but it may also be the removal of undesired metal particles from streams such as oatmeal or flour.


More details can be found in catalogue card (in polish) here.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

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