Adapting coupler SAF-8490

Adapting coupler (called also as a rescue coupler or half-coupler), produced by FAE FANINA S.A. is used to make the connection between a vehicle equipped with UIC draw-bar and a vehicle equipped with the automatic interconnector eg. the type ZEa.
The small weight and the unique leveling solution make it convenient for a single trained operator to install and operate the device. There is an option to order the adapting coupler equipped with brake hoses (length 730 mm).



Technical data:


The compression strength

- 250kN


The endurance on the extension

- 400kN


The distance of the axis of the hook to the frontal area

- 470 mm


Weight of adapter coupler approx.

- 34kg


The speed of uniting approx.

- 0,6km/h









The adapting coupler has been designed and produced in compliance with following standards:

• PN EN 15020+A1:2011 Railway – adapter coupler
• PN-EN 15085 The welding of rail vehicles and their component parts.

FAE FANINA S.A. is certified by TDT Company, according standards PN-EN-ISO-3834 and PN-EN 15085 class CL-1 and has necessary powers to design and realise railway welded constructions.



The catalogue card can be found (in polish) here.


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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

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