General information

Electromechanical Apparatus Factory "FANINA" Co. was founded in 1959. From the very beginning we have been specializing in electro-technical manufacture, in particular products for railway transport, electromechanical industry, power industry. Our long-term experience as well as constantly striving to  satisfy the needs of our customers have enabled us to be proud of the very high quality and reliability of our products. This is confirmed by an Integrated Quality Management System compatible with the PN-EN ISO-9001:2015 standard.

The company strategy, to systematically improve the quality of our products, to boost production efficiency and to follow the growing expectations of our customers, has  for several years been fueling the program of the intense modernization of our stock of machine tools and production equipment. At the same time we have been regularly training our employees to improve the quality and efficiency of their work and  encouraging them to become  acquainted with the most modern technological and organizational solutions. We have also equipped our Research & Development Department with the most modern software/hardware designer tools.

Basic company data:

Address: Poland; 37-700 Przemyśl, 18, Jasińskiego Str.

E-Mail address:

NIP VAT: PL7950201248    REGON: 000037629

KRS: 0000100877

Initial capital: 3.221.933,00 PLN

Bank account: PEKAO SA nr 53124025681111000036293193 (PLN)
                                               31124025681978000036293210 (EUR)
                                               39124025681787000036293207 (USD)


Monday, 14 October 2019

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